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On our last night in Rio, Kirstin asked the group to think of one word that described how you were feeling so far during the trip.

Natalia Tu'17 wrote that she was...
feeling at peace and conflicted at the same time...I'm stuck on the physical, first sight impression of how attractive Brazil can be: the people, the place and the rich history. However, I am forced to see beyond the paradise of beach vacationing to understand why there is a silent feud in the nation. More importantly, is this conversation regarding progress and race one-sided? In fact, how is it possible to engage a whole country in a conversation that is pushed to the side?
On a deeper level from just observing, I'm conflicted with how complicated it can be to solve what I perceive as a simple issue and the most frightening thing is to know how far away we are from really progressing or reaching success in the US. There are so many stories left in the dark everywhere. Being in Rio de Janeiro has me looking left and right, thinking about the people who are left unheard. How can the world be so beautiful and vibrant, but be left so silent in conversation? 
Kevin Kee '17 was "thankful."

"I'm thankful for being here and learning more about the culture," Kevin wrote. For "learning something new" and about "how privileged I travel 28 hours away from home," and thankful for being able to recognize that "not everyone has that opportunity."

Sophie Margola '17 was feeling " simply and purely happy" because..."I've been spending the past five days with a wonderful and intelligent group of people in a stunning and exciting place."

The group at Escadaria Selaron, the tiled steps created by famed Chilean-born artist, Jorge Selaron. Sophia Zhu '17 presented on the steps and their artist this morning.

Putt Putt Quanpadung '17, presents on soccer in Brazil before we attend a match at Maracana stadium. Among the topics Putt Putt discussed was gender equity in the sport today as well as the origins of the game in Brazil.

The group united for this photo op, but was firmly split in their support for Botafogo and Vasco!

On Monday morning we depart from Rio for our flight to Salvador. Adeus Rio!



  1. What an exciting itinerary! Looking forward to future post and pictures :)